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Be A Goal-Setting Champion

Are you wondering why you seem to be just short of achieving your goals but without actually fully achieving them? Are you asking yourself where you are going wrong with setting your goals since you can’t see the evidence of your hardwork?

Wonder no more. There is a skill to goal-setting. Yep, you read right, there is a skill to this goal-setting business. Let’s delve into the science of goal-setting, shall we?

To set your goals in a clever, impact-driven way, you should ENVISION your goals vividly. That is the first step. Envision your goals VIVIDLY! Seeing the picture in your mind will give you the focus, clarity and fortitude you require to achieve your goals.

The picture is there now, adorned with all sorts of colour and psychedelic effects. Now what, you ask? Now that you can see clearly where you want to be, ask yourself WHY you need to achieve the goals you set for yourself.

Will they bring you closer to financial freedom? Will achieving those goals be proof that you achieve anything you set your mind to? Your reasons for setting your goals should be clear.

Okay, genius, now that you see the bigger picture and you know why you want to achieve your goals, the next step is to WRITE THEM DOWN.

In fact, this could easily be the first step. The important take home message here is to write down your goals. Writing something down gives you a visual – one that puts on paper what your mind has conceived in thought.

Writing your goals would be remiss without SETTING TIMELINES for them. It is imperative to have a set date for your goals.

This gives you motivation – you need motivation, especially on the days when you feel less inclined to push through. Having a deadline presses upon you the importance of your goals. There are deadlines for tasks you perform, not so? Then do the same with your goals. This is no different.

Having a definite timeline pushes you more than just saying ‘ I want to have a book published in 2017.’ Be specific. Which month in 2017 do you want to see your book published by/in? Being specific presses upon you to work harder without slacking.

The next step of course is getting down and removing the grease and grime around the edges. This is you now TAKING ACTION to see your goals come to fruition.

Action changes things. This is a fundamental truth. By taking action, you are putting your goal wheels in motion. Way to go, you wonderful human you!

Yeay, so you have started, great! Now what? Now you TRACK YOUR PROGRESS. You need to know what the work you are putting in is doing for you.

This is an important step that is missed by many and they start complaining that they don’t seem to achieve their goals. This is where you veer off course. You can write your goals down and take action, but if you don’t track your progress, it won’t be enough.

You need to know what progress you are making. Set up a schedule for days when you will check your progress. This is where you hear phrases such as ‘ measure your progress.’

This step is crucial. For one, it shows you what you need to do more of, what you need to do less of and what you need to eliminate altogether. Also, following this step is a huge  motivator. It is the much needed GPS of goal-setting.

It doesn’t matter whether you feel like you are walking instead of driving, when you see the progress you are making, it will give you the boost you need to fuel you to continue plodding on.

After tracking your goals and tweaking them, the next thing is really just to keep on going until you achieve them. Be committed and persistent.

Envision your goals> Know your WHY> Write them down>Set predefined timelines>Take action> Track your progress > Rinse and repeat.


That is the formula folks. Start….NOW!



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