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Activating Beast Mode

Have you ever found yourself working in such a beautiful state of flow that time seemed to elapse without you realising it? I’m sure you have experienced that feeling of zoning in completely to your creative space and entering a state of flow to allow your work to shine through and bring forth amazing works of genius. That whole process is you being in Beast Mode.

Being in Beast Mode means being in such a state of flow with your passion and work that you get energised from what you do. Your mind becomes a turbine machine that activates all the good stuff that gets you giddy like a 5 year old.

You find yourself getting in tune with the you that puts 100% focus in what you do and deriving immense pleasure from the creativity that is emanating from your energised mind and spirit.

We should never underestimate the power of creative flow. Creative flow is about harnessing what you love and making it into masterpiece. How do you know you’re in Beast Mode? This is how you know:

1. You get so energised just thinking about your work that you cannot help but do a little dance of jubilation at the sheer joy of life.

2. You hardly find time to do other things that are not directly related to what you are pushing forth. You put such endeavours on the back burner and tell yourself that you will slot them in somehow and make them fit into your schedule.

3. You make new friends and connections faster than you can say ‘CONNECT!’ You find yourself broadening your circle. Since you are in Beast Mode, you want to spread the love. Quite naturally, people gravitate towards those who exude and embody passion and positive vibrations. You CANNOT be in full beast mode and be a Negative Nancy. That’s not how this works.

4. You don’t want to stop. You want to keep the momentum going. You want to achieve the next milestone and the next…ad infinitum.

5. Fear becomes a distant relative. After all, if you were able to connect with Circle A, surely you could try Circle B. All of a sudden it all becomes possible. Your mind conjures up more positive  ‘let’s do this’ scenarios.

Activating Beast Mode is about challenging yourself to explore new terrain and to charge forward with your ideas and find a way to make them work. It’s about stepping on the ladder of progress one step at a time and climbing towards the spectacular view on top of the scenic mountain. It’s about growing and letting your passion speak volumes for you and impacting others positively.

So, you see, activating Beast Mode is about looking at who you were yesterday and thinking of ways to improve on yourself to be the best that you can be by giving the best out.

Activate Beast Mode, be in tune with yourself and your passion. Find your flow and create amazing works of genius that will influence others meaningfully.



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