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A Shout Out To All The Fringe Lovers and Misfits

Today I decided to dedicate a whole article to you, you lover of all things peripheral and not at all ‘normal.’ Today I am sending out a shout out to you.

You don’t fit into any box. Society has tried to squeeze you in a box. Heck, heckled you even. ‘Why can’t you just be normal?’ they chide. I have something to tell you, you fringe dweller. Be you and be bold.

Be brazen. Walk on the road less travelled. Create something new and set a trend in your wake. Be proud of the fact that you are a misfit. Why fit in to a mould that is neatly packaged by someone else?

Break the mould and set your fringe-and-misfit self free from status quo induced bondage. You have been told you are weird. You have been told you are rebellious. You have been told you are ‘rather peculiar.’ Fringe lover, at which point are you going to let the words of naysayers bog you down? Till when will you be imprisoned by the opinions of a society that is interested in conventionality?

I am sending a shout out to you today to make you realise that you are beautifully unique. Use that to your advantage and be YOU at all times. So you are called a lover of fringe ideals huh? So what? Embrace it and run with it.

Proudly claim your fringeness – your fabulous fringe-loving self. You are called a nerd huh? Embrace it. Embrace yourself for who you are. Don’t allow others to dictate how your life should be. Be the misfit that you are and live your life truthfully.

You are told you can’t follow your dreams because they are out of your reach and you don’t have what it takes to achieve them. According to who? Have they opened your mind and heart to come to that conclusion that you are not cut out for this? How do they know? The short answer : THEY DON’T.

Nobody besides you knows your own strengths. Why then, dear fringer ( pretty sure this is a made up word) are you succumbing to the perceptions others are creating of you? Jill Scott sings her song ‘ living my life like it’s golden’ ever so cheerfully. We can all learn from her here. Live your life like it’s golden. Make no apologies about who you are. You are beautifully awesome. Be cool and embrace your awesomeness.

Dear fringe lover and misfit, thrash that box that has been made for you by society. You don’t need it. It’s too stifling. It’s too stuffy.

Detach yourself from constructs that make you miserable, constructs that don’t reflect your true self. Leave behind all that is holding you back and bogging you down.

A shout out to you to get you to realise the beauty of your uniqueness. Be bold. Be brazen. Be fringe. Be a misfit. Be proud.

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