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5 Signs That You Are Not Where You Want To Be In Life

Life can be so much fun, purposeful, and full of energy-induced vigour and plenty of joie de vivre moments. Hooray, you say! What happens though when your life is not at all the life you envisioned for yourself? Where others see roses and blossoming orchids you see misery, dreary and ever so bleak outlooks. When that happens, then you know you must change the course of your life and divert from this toxic mind-set that is making you miserable.

There are many aspects of life that would make one miserable and unhappy in their current stage of life. The focal point for this article will be about the path you have taken with respect to work or your career. Perhaps you are craving for a career change but do not quite know it is time for that leap. What 5 signs can you see that will tell you that you are not happy with the life you live and therefore crave for change? Let us explore these 5 reasons:

  1. Every task you do feels like a ton of bricks

Tasks, by virtue of execution, are weighed from easiest to most challenging and should be prioritized according to what you, as an individual, find easier to do first and then tackle the rest as your day goes by. On a normal day if you prioritize correctly you can do as many as 4 important tasks and several smaller tasks. What happens though when even the smallest task to you feels like a ton of bricks? It feels like too much effort, too much work. It certainly feels like you are pushing a cart full of cement supplies. When the tasks you used to enjoy or find tolerable become burdensome and depress you, just know that you are at that point in your life where you should make a decision to get out of that rut or else it will consume you whole. Take the time to find what you should be pursuing that would give you ultimate happiness.

  1. Passion, what passion?

Where others speak of passion and doing the work they love, you wonder what they are talking about because that is most certainly not how you are feeling at this point in your life. You find that you are not enthusiastic much about the work you do and you only do it because you think it is an obligation to work. You do it because you believe you should honour your part of the bargain at the very least. Passion though, is very far from what you feel when you do the work you do. You derive no joy from it.  Once you derive no joy from doing the things you do in life, you should know that it is a sign for change and the sooner you seek answers towards that which will bring fulfilment in your life, the better your life will be. You will bring the spark of passion in your life and it will hold more meaning for you and to you than merely meandering through life with no spring on your step.
  1. Waking up to go to work is a drag

I am sure when you first started the job you started, you used to look forward to going to work every morning and wanting nothing more than to get started and tackle those challenges one at a time. You were probably one of those ‘Good morning world’ people who annoyed some of those colleagues who were grumpy before their cup of coffee in the morning. What happened to you? How did you lose the spark you had for your work? It is more than likely that in the beginning it was all exciting and the novelty was bright and certainly colourful. The most befitting answer for these questions is the fact that in life we all go through transitions. What most likely occurred was your realisation that what you are doing is not at all what you would love to do for the rest of your life. It dawned on you that you want a different course. You found your passion along the way and that is what is making you lose interest in your current endeavours because you are dying to explore your passion and live the life you were meant to live. Until you follow your passion, waking up to go to work will be a drag. Do something about this nagging feeling that is tugging at your heartstrings every morning.

  1. The perks other people speak of mean nothing to you

You find that your colleagues go on and on about how there are certain incentives in this, that and the other venture .You listen to them but deep inside you know that you no longer care, that this means nothing to you if you are not doing what you were born to do. To you it does not matter how many perks there may be, it matters very much that you want to get out of the rut you are stuck in and want nothing more than the taste of freedom to be one with your passion. You feel incomplete and like someone drifting away in lands not desirable. When you realise that you are going nowhere slowly, it is at this time that you should make a concerted effort to find out how you can get closer to your passion and living the life you desire.

  1. You would risk losing it all to explore your passion

You are at that point in your life where the security of having that job that pays your bills just doesn’t matter as much as you thought it did. You constantly think about how you would get yourself out of that helpless feeling you get when you think about how miserable you are in your current work situation. You are at that point where the leap of faith seems more desirable than anything you have ever heard of. You are ready to take the leap of faith because you believe that you will come out triumphant with the right mind-set that will lead you closer to your passion and the life you were meant to live.


These 5 points above illustrate the turmoil that people who feel they are not living their life’s purpose go through. The resounding message in all of this is the fact that should you experience some or all of the 5 signs above, it is time to change track. The sooner, the better. Live the life you were meant to live.


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