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5 Reasons Why You Are Not Progressing The Way You Feel You Should

Progress is the ‘bestie’ of success. In actual fact, success and progress are intertwined. Every step we climb to greater heights reinforces progress.

Progress is ‘that thing’, the je ne sais quoi that is needed to catapult you into massive success. What if you don’t feel like you are progressing the way you should? You feel that your level of progress is either stagnating or is at a snail’s pace. What could you be doing wrong that is not showing the results you desire? Here are 5 reasons why :

1. Lack of commitment

This one is a whopper of a statement! The ladder of success requires commitment to your goals and dreams. Commitment is akin to a navigational GPS that is the guide to your road to success.

If you lack commitment you are in fact going around aimlessly with no decisive direction. To commit is to have a path in mind. A lack of commitment is a sign of not taking your goals and dreams seriously.

You could have grand ideas, but if you don’t see them through, how are they to manifest into the grand vision you have in mind? If you want to see your dreams and goals come to fruition, you must carry the baton of commitment and be one with it. It is only through embracing commitment that you will see a marked progress in your life.

2. Consistency is not your daily bread

Consistency is by far one of the biggest contributors to massive success, second to passion. The reason you are not progressing the way you feel you should be is because you are not consistent in your endeavours.

Nothing that exists today wasn’t done through consistency. It is imperative to be consistent with your goals. This will make tracking progress easier because you can see what works and what doesn’t.

Doing just one thing a day towards your intended goals is what will bring results on the The sweetness of nectar comes after toiling and sweating. Be consistent in your pursuit of your dreams and goals. Remember that you could never go wrong with consistency. Ever.

3. Lack of passion

You have probably come across statements such as, ” find your passion and you will never have to work a day in your life”, ” passion is the fuel of life.” The truth that is ingrained in such statements could never be understated. Passion truly is the engine that is needed to roar to life.

Passion denotes love and love is the centre of all human desires. When you love something you treasure it and treat it beautifully – with deft hands and crafting soft edges. When you have passion in your life, even if you don’t see immediate results, you will be motivated to keep going because you love what you do.

A lack of passion is a contributor in the lack of the progress you desire. If you are not passionate at least like something well enough to excel in it. The arbiter of success is desire and enthusiasm. Be excited with what you do and the rest will start falling into place.

4. You don’t brand yourself vigorously – lack of self-improvement and development

Your main aim is to succeed and realise your goals and dreams, not so? If you know this to be true, why then do you not take yourself seriously and invest in yourself?

If you want to progress to astronomical levels, you should develop yourself continuously. This means branding yourself at every given chance. In fact, it is said that you should do one thing everyday that will enhance your self-education and development.

You are the greatest asset you could possibly have. You need to constantly evolve so that you stay relevant.

If you want to see progress in your life you should put yourself out more and let it be known you have a story to tell and you will be heard. Until you do that, you will continue bemoaning the lack of progress in your endeavours.

5. You don’t follow up after making contact with others

The cornerstone of any society is social interaction. This is a universal truth that is accepted in all societies. As humans, interaction is what we crave the most. We are social beings. It stands to reason that we would have the desire to connect with others and form relationships.

In the pursuit of your goals, if you have a specific goal in mind and you know the right people who will help you manifest that goal, you connect with said people with the mind to form relationships with them. Say you go to an event and you get business cards or phone numbers. Usually after such events, it is advised that you should contact the people with whom you connected with.

You shoot yourself in the foot every time you stall on contacting the people who could very well hold essential keys to your progress. The power of connections should never be undermined. They are the reason networking is a huge success.

When you don’t follow up with the contacts you have made, you are slowing down your progress. Following up also goes further than that. It entails nurturing newly formed relations by reinforcing the reason for connecting, to begin with.

To see progress in your life, teach yourself the art of following up with contacts you make along the way.

Now you know the reasons why your progress has either halted or is stagnating. Implement these 5 steps and see your progress take off. Rev that engine and catapult your progress. Success awaits you!

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