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3 Reasons Why Your Laziness Is Costing You Not To Rise To The Top

“I am going to conquer all and get the fattest slice of the proverbial pie!” You say this with conviction and gusto-fuelled intention. You say that you are going to shake the foundation and leave a trail of awesomeness in your wake.

Your words are infectious. They are the much needed quencher on a dry and arid terrain. You got us all doing our To-do lists and polishing up on the goals we said we would do yesteryear but still haven’t manifested. You are inspiration unto yourself. Your words are moving. There is just a flaw to them though : you are lazy and you know it. While laziness is curable and one can circumnavigate around it, you are utterly convinced your laziness is your undoing.

These grand goals you have are not going to manifest themselves with your lazy attitude. Let’s get real now. Your laziness is costing you your success. You have beautiful ideas and goals, but you will not rise to the top with your laziness. Here are 3 reasons why:

1. You do just enough to get by

You are brilliant and vibrant. Your visions are as colourful as the dreamy rainbows and as vast as the oceans. They are quite enviable, to be honest. There is just one problem with this otherwise beatific picture: you are not pushing yourself out of your comfort zone.

You are doing enough just to say to yourself you have started, but not enough to ‘get the fattest slice of the proverbial pie.’ You know this. You are el brillianto and your concepts would rival those of modern day millionaire extraordinaires. Your problem though is you are just not pushing your wagon far enough for it to get the momentum it needs to take off with speed and fuel-induced vigour.

You are lazy. You have somehow convinced yourself in your head that doing something is better than doing nothing. Perhaps in some areas you would be forgiven for thinking that doing something is better than nothing, but the truth is, if you want to achieve extraordinary results, you have to PUT IN THE WORK. Period.

You have to separate the wheat from the chaff in order to produce excellent results. Excellence comes after consistent and determined execution. Consistency and determined execution are terms you should acquaint yourself with if you want to flourish beyond your comfort zone and beyond your ‘doing just enough to get by.’

Okay, so you know you are lazy as hell and you have a desire to get to the top. The question becomes: how do you get to the top, knowing what you know about your lazy self? Your answer lies in consistent and determined execution. When you execute your goals with consistency, something will give. It always does.

No one who does something with consistency has never borne fruit to their toils and hours upon hours of dedicated execution. What you reap, you sow. If you want to get to the top, stop doing just enough to get by. It’s not good enough. Step up and get cracking. Make 2017 your year of excellence.

2. You lack endurance

Endurance is the fuel that will get you to your destination and see you manifest your goals. Endurance is that friend that comforts you in times of darkness and on the days when your light bulb is dimmer than it usually is. All the success stories you see around you are fuelled by endurance.

Every successful person will tell you that endurance is imperative if you want to achieve massively in life. The reason you are not getting to the top is because you lack the fortitude to see your goals through. You have the best intentions, one can give you that.

Your problem is that when the going gets tough, you get backed into a corner and you start thinking that there is no way around this. You think it’s over for you. Your lazy bone is getting the better of you. Truth is, you will face shitty and tough times. It’s par for the course in this journey we call life.

You have no excuse to back down at the slightest sign of difficulty. “Oh, this is so hard. I just can’t seem to crack it. I give up. ” Those are the worst words you could possibly utter to yourself when your intention is to get to the top. You cannot give up at the slightest discomfort. What this says is that you lack endurance.

The stark truth is that you have to work tirelessly and keep going if you want to get the fattest slice of the pie. You cannot achieve your goals if you lack endurance to see them come to fruition. Toss out your laziness to the curb if you want to see SIGNIFICANT results in your life.

You could argue that you could navigate around your laziness to get you to the top faster and overnight. When you find that formula for overnight success, you will be the richest person alive because everybody will flock to you. People want overnight success but don’t want to put in the work.

There is no such thing as overnight success. Get that notion out of your head and get your lazy ass cracking. Cultivate endurance so that you can achieve extraordinarily and massively.

3. You lack a firm blueprint

Think of a blueprint as the canvas from which you base your life and draw inspiration. A blueprint is akin to a house plan an Architect designs before execution. This same blueprint is the one the Architect will constantly refer to until the house is complete.

The blueprint of your life is your core, the source from which you base all your thoughts and beliefs. Why is it that others seem to achieve all their goals and you feel you are stagnating or going nowhere slowly? You lack a firm blueprint. It’s a bitter pill to swallow. But, it shouldn’t be. Don’t be disheartened. Nothing in this life cannot be altered.

How do you know you lack a firm blueprint and that you need to change it if you want to get to the top? You lack a firm blueprint if you :
• Don’t believe in yourself and that you have what it takes to achieve your dreams and goals
• Give up at the slightest setback
• Believe that you don’t deserve to live the life you envision living
• Get envious and resentful of other people’s successes and achievements
• Have limiting beliefs in your mind about what you can and cannot do

The good news is that all of the listed points above can be rectified. You can change your blueprint. A firm blueprint is one that presses upon you to be the best possible version of yourself and one that allows for growth and development of self.

You can fix your shaky blueprint by believing in yourself and being confident in your abilities. You can take the steps to a better you by being happy for those around you who are achieving their goals. Happiness is infectious. If you are happy that someone else is doing well, that happiness will spill over into your own life. It’s true what they say about energy: it is contagious.

Start surrounding yourself with positivity. Part of the reason why you lack a firm blueprint is because you surround yourself with negativity that is clouding your vision. Start basking in the sea of positivity. Swim in it and embroil yourself in its world. You will never be the same again.

It all starts with recognising that you lack a firm blueprint and have a desire to change that and cultivate a firm footing. One day at a time. Immerse yourself in optimism and keep a positive attitude. Confront your laziness and don’t let it have the upper hand. You can do this.

Now that you know what is stopping you from achieving greatness: doing enough just to get by, lacking endurance and not having a firm blueprint, question is: are you ready to free yourself from the shackles of your laziness to achieve massively in 2017? The answer better be a resounding YES!

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