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3 Reasons Why You Should Tell Yourself that Your Journey Is Just Beginning

When we are down and out our first inclination is to tell ourselves that we have been defeated. We feel dejected. We feel like the rug has been snatched from right under us.

How do you move on after a setback? What do you need to know and understand going forward?

You have to tell yourself that your journey is just beginning. A setback is nothing more than a halt to your plans for a certain period.

After dealing with that setback, the train must move again. Here are 3 reasons why you should tell yourself that the journey is just beginning.

1. A new day, a new dawn

A new day presents new possibilities. Approach every day as a day to build a strong foundation for the home that will ultimately be your haven.

A new day gives one the realisation that holding on to past mistakes does not bode well where progress is concerned. Decide that you will begin your journey by letting go of past mishaps and focusing on new ways of moving forward.

2. Success is progress over a long period

When you tell yourself that you are beginning your journey, you are in fact telling your mind to focus on new avenues of operating and new thought processes.

Understanding that success is not just a specific moment but more like an every day progress towards being a better you will help you to be less hard on yourself when things don’t go as you had planned.

Setbacks will happen. They are unwarranted and come without warning. When you understand that towards your journey to success you will have setbacks, you will be better equipped to deal with them faster and move forward faster.

3. Renewed motivation and gusto

Let’s be honest here. Even the most optimistic person is not always motivated to do the work they should do. We all need motivation every now and then. Motivation gives us the fuel to go full force for our goals.

When you tell yourself that your journey is just beginning, you give yourself renewed motivation and gusto because it feels like it’s new all over again.

Motivation doesn’t last, which is why we should always find ways to re-motivate ourselves. Striving to find renewed motivation will channel our focus to achieve our goals more.


Understanding that our journey is an ongoing process will help us to realise that with every step we should approach life with new ways of doing things.

Feeling like your journey is just beginning will keep you on your toes as you will constantly find yourself thinking of ways to improve your life and ways of providing value to others.

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