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3 Reasons Why You Should Adopt The Domino-Effect Principle In Your Life

The human psyche is a funny engine that drives us towards seemingly peculiar behaviour. The workings of the inner turbine machine of our core can be quite confusing and befuddling even to the most astute of minds.

As human beings we are beings of grandiose visions and dream of larger-than-life vivid imagery of our desired lives. We are inspired to use our inner turbine engines to propel us to move forward and work towards our BIG dreams. But now, in order for us to open the big doors to success, it is no secret that we have to start small. Just how small, you ask?  As small as you need to. This is where The Domino-Effect comes into play.

What is The Domino-Effect? Let me use an example to illustrate. Let’s say your goal is to become fit and toned. That’s your end goal. You have to start somewhere to execute that goal. Usually to become fit and toned would require you to lose weight that will later be replaced by muscle mass.

Your Domino-Effect put into action would be you starting by taking the first step towards losing weight. This would involve cardio activities such as jogging, running, etc. The first sign of weight loss would be shown by your clothes that fit you snugly. Seeing these results, you will be motivated to work out even more and learn different strategies that will take you towards your goals.

In essence, the domino-effect is about knocking off the smaller goals one by one until you achieve the bigger goals. I will argue that this effect has a huge psychological impact in your life.

Let me delve more by giving 3 reasons why you should use the domino-effect to achieve your goals.

1. It gives you a sense of direction

Nothing is more beautiful and more meaningful to the human psyche than the feeling of achievement. Achievement gives us a rush of blood to the head, an adrenaline rush unparalleled by anything else. It feels uber awesome to tick off your tasks for the day. You feel like you are walking on Cloud 9.

The Domino-Effect comes into play when you have stacked your goals in order from the smallest to the largest. When you achieve the first small goal, you knock it off your list and go for the next one, until you achieve your biggest goal.

The sense of direction you get from achieving these smaller goals gives you an assurance that you are on the right track.

2. It teaches you to write your own narrative

Our complex psyche loves affirmations and beautiful rainbow-inspired stories. When you are on the road towards achievement of your goals,  you need your inner self to write a beautiful story along the way.  As you weave your path through turbulent terrain, have a story in your mind.

Maybe you identity with the warrior Xena who is a bad-ass battle warrior who protects her people. Or perhaps you are more like Batman who saves the world in the shadows and sets the wheels behind the scenes. The point is, whatever narrative you have, have your own that is unique to your situation. Identity with it and add more pages to your book.

Everytime you achieve a new goal on your domino-effect list, write that page to your story about how scared and brave you were in one fold and how you braved through the opposing forces.

Whatever your story is, be proud to write the pages to your book. Your psyche will, upon realisation that you are using your milestones to write the story of your life, be your strongest supporter.

Never underestimate the power of YOU, your ESSENCE. When your intentions match your narrative, you will be unstoppable. This all starts with cultivating the domino-effect principle and using it in your day to day life to achieve your goals.

3. It teaches you the concept of delaying gratification

In a world where everything seems to be attained at the touch of a button, it is a wonder that we have become disillusioned to the idea of success being an overnight feat. We all want to make something of our lives and influence others through our work.

What we should understand is that success takes time. You don’t plant seeds today and expect success instantly. You know that when the fruits grow at a later stage they will bear plentiful. Why then are we so insistent on overnight ventures?  Chuck that concept out of your mind.

Everything that you are today is a result of the work you put in years past. By using the domino-effect principle in your life you are able to determine that each small step you take towards your goals is a stepping stone towards larger platforms.

The domino-effect teaches you delayed gratification because by knocking off the smaller goals, you are steadily getting to the bigger ones brick by boring brick. It teaches you to abandon short-sighted blights in favour of rewarding steady long-term achievement.

The beauty about life is that anything that is built with thorough execution and dedication over time stands the test of time, as opposed to anything attempted in haste.

Haste crumbles dreams before fruition. Use the domino-effect to play the long game of delayed gratification.


The domino-effect is the single biggest contributor to the successes you read about and see in your own life. Want to know why? It encompasses all the important traits you need to succeed; discipline, motivation, passion, persistence, vision. To knock off the goals in your milestone chart day by day, you are in fact exercising all the pillars of success. This is the domino-effect in full swing.

Use the 3 adoption strategies above and pave your way towards your dreams. Tell your own narrative. Live it. Feel it. BE IT!

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